The DogDuane "The Dog" Chapman, the bounty hunter who tracked down Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico, is annoyed that he won't get a cut of Luster's forfeited $1 million bail. Luster fled the country after being sentenced to 124 years in prison for drugging, raping, and videotaping the rapes of three women. The judge ruled that the forfeited bail should go to "those affected by the case, including an undisclosed amount to be paid to the three women raped by Luster," and police who incurred costs when retrieving Luster.

Duane Chapman (his official website; warning: it will play "Who Let the Dogs Out") will be featured on A&E's show, Take This Job, tonight at 10PM. Gothamist friend Jayson followed Dog around, shooting for the show, and tells us that even though he seems a big tough guy, he's actually really nice and a pushover. Oh, Jayson, in the end, they all are.