This is an animal and human interest we can all appreciate: Somehow, a dog fell into the East River; his owner ended up jumping in to pull him out, and then onlookers helped pull the dog and owner out. Aw. While excitement may be why Tracy Loughlin's Shiba Inu named Cho fell into the river (he was running towards the retaining wall; she told the Daily News that he "skidded, and he went 'bonk!'" in the water), but what is clear is how much she loves Cho, since she went after to him in jeans and t-shirt. Loughlin credits the onlookers with helping her and Cho out of the river, saying, "Given the right scenario, New Yorkers are so great." Gothamist believes that we'd jump into the East River if a loved one couldn't get out, but mainly we're taking this as a lesson not to walk any dogs near retaining walls next to rivers.

The water was cold when Loughlin and Cho were in the river, which reminds us that the Coney Island Polar Bears had their first swim this past weekend.