Gothamist has been debating whether or not to see Lars von Trier's Dogville (Three hours of von Trier? Blech. Three hours of Lars von Trier torturing Nicole Kidman? Say!) but seeing Dogville won't be as fun as looking at low culture's hilarious look at the blueprint of the town (excerpted above). The film eschews actual sets for chalk outlines (to better focus the audience to the actors), and has a good post about the film.


Someone writes to the NY Times to bitch Lars von Trier: "Lars von Trier could at least acknowledge that we mere humans, whatever politics we embrace, have bladders. Like Oliver Stone's "Nixon," Mr. von Trier's new film, rather than representing historical or social commentary, is about his inner Dogville. It seems to me that Mr. von Trier would do better to make shorter films, closer to home." Meow! Von Trier is accused of being anti-American, which isn't so strange these days, but he's infamously has never been to the United States (Dancer in the Dark and Dogville, both set in the U.S., were filmed in Euore), and his IMDB entry has the fascinating piece of trivia about his trip to Cannes: "He has so many phobias, he could only make the trip in a specially outfitted trailer." Oh, that's just like John Madden and the Madden-mobile!