2005_01_artsanniesandy.jpgGothamist thought this piece Reuters/Yahoo ran over the weekend was really cute.

Apparently, auditions were held on Friday for two dogs needed by the upcoming Broadway musical adaptation of the classic kiddie film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The neat twist is that they brought in two dozen dogs from NYC animal shelters. And the lucky doggies selected will get to retire to a Connecticut farm! They found a hound-mix and a collie who will get a stint at Great White Way. When the show closes, they will get to have a pastoral New England retirement, going to live on a farm owned by Chitty Chitty's doggie handler. As part of their prize, the dogs will live on a Connecticut farm owned by the show's handler, Bill Berloni, when the production closes. Berloni, an experienced handler, is perhaps best known for finding and training the original "Sandy" pooch from the smash musical Annie.

Apparently, one pooch is still needed for the show, and Berloni is hitting the shelters to fill that role. You can see all of these doggies when the show begins previews on March 27th. We grew up with the movie, and look forward to seeing how it translates to the stage. And we can't wait to see if the subserversive, dark elements will remain, or if it will be totally sanitized for Broadway.