2006_02_dogshow.jpgIt's that time of year again - it's the Westminster Kennel Club's 130th Dog Show! The show will be on USA tonight at 8PM, but there will be videos available online at the WKC site after the various breeds have been judged. One of the thousands of dog owners told the Daily News that she was going to get up at 4AM to get her Yorkshire Terrier ready for a 9:15AM judging. There are tons of things for dogs to do at Madison Square Garden and the vicinity - the Yahoo photos show dogs on treadmills and enjoying spa treatment, just like this little pug at right.

WKC show information tells us that general admission tickets are being sold at MSG - any word on how easy it is to get them? And speaking of spa treatments for animals, the Post follows up the story about the crimefighting kitty cat by treating Fred the cat and Burt the terrier to a spa day.