Avalon and owner Jaime Stankevicius at a liquor store in Chelsea; Photo: Andrea Mohin - NY Times

Gothamist didn't know what was best in the Times article about enormous dogs living in NYC apartments - knowing that one owner share a four-poster bed with his Great Dane or that a Bull Mastiff can pee "with considerable force and stamina" for 15 minutes or that someone actually rented an $1,800 one-bedroom apartment for the Bull Mastiff. While we're frightened of teeny, tiny rat dogs (yes, we get that it's because some apartments don't allow big dogs), we're just as amazed at people who can manage to keep dogs over 100 pounds in their apartments. We've heard that the key is to make sure they are super exercised, with many walks around the the neighborhood, so they are fairly docile at home.

Times photographer Andrea Mohin also gets some great shots of the dogs, too (check out the Slide Show linked from the article0. Gothamist liked the one above, of Great Dane Avalon at a wine store in Chelsea; owner Jaime Stankevicius told reporter Andrea Elliott that all the treats Avalon gets from owners who know him is "indecent. Every day is Halloween for him." Also, Stankevicius' comment about how it takes him forever to walk the dog, since people are mesmerized by Avalon ("If I hear 'Scooby Doo!', 'Marmaduke!' or 'It's a horse not a dog' one more time I will jump out of my skin.") makes Gothamist rethink saying that. Maybe we'll say "Stankevicius!" which sounds like it could be an Outkast album.

Apply for a dog license through the city. And facts from the NYC dog census.