Photo by Nic Garcia

A reader sent over this photo of what appears to be Diddy's sweet ride, complete with a red carpet so the diamonds on the sole's of his shoes don't touch the dirty concrete of New York City. The tipster tells us:

I spotted this outrageous Lexus AFL in Midtown on my way to work. Besides the obvious red carpet, there is a white paper on the dashboard that says "SEAN JOHN." I'm pretty sure that these are very exclusively released and that there's only 500 or something. I instantly assumed it belonged to Diddy, because it fits his profile to a T, even without the Sean John sign.

It does seem like his style. No one was spotted guarding the car, just an older guy "hovering around it, but he didn't look like he was associated with it."

The car was on Broadway at West 55th Street, in one of these spots outside of Serafina. That stretch of Broadway does have a bike lane, but judging by the photo, it appears that the red carpet is not—repeat, NOT—blocking a bike lane. Cyclists, stand down!

UPDATE: Turns out this was some sort of promotion. But you know the idea for the red carpet came from Diddy's real life.