The Barclays Center has been in a bit of a honeymoon period with Brooklyn since it opened last month, if you ignore the people who loathe its very existence. Expensive water, lack of toilet paper, long lines, none of it mattered. But the Post is lobbing some serious criticism at them today: how come they had metal detectors up for Jay-Z's shows, but not for Barbra Streisand's big show this week?

For Jay-Z's eight shows, and a Harlem Globetrotters game, there were metal detectors at the front entrances; but when Streisand played Thursday, many noted they were just wanded going in: "The metal detectors are not in use for Barbara Streisand @barclayscenter. Racial profiling?" tweeted Josh Dunkelman. But there weren't as long lines too, which arena spokesman Barry Baum said was the real reason for the change: “We’ve only been open two weeks and are trying to make things go as smooth as possible,” Baum said, adding that they were trying out "a variety of security measures to enhance our customers’ experience, while also, of course, ensuring a secure and safe environment.”

Brooklyn Councilwoman Letitia James criticized them for setting a bad example: “There shouldn’t be a double standard; there should be one rule of law,” she told the Post. “If you have metal detectors for people coming to see Jay-Z, the same should apply for Barbra Streisand. It shouldn’t matter if you come by limousine, subway or your own two feet.”

Another possible factor: initial arena security director Bob Sena left his job a little more than a week after they opened. So it is possible they are experimenting with various new policies now. The real test will be whether Justin Bieber's fans have to go through the detectors when the chipmunk pop prince plays there in November.