2005_10_ArtsIFCWaverly.jpgThe New York Times profiled the Waverly at IFC Center cafe, observing it’s “nearly always empty, although it's hard to know why… Its location could be a lot worse: it is stumbling distance from the West Fourth Street subway stop in the West Village….And while most restaurants that lack a sport, ninja or Martian theme have to rely on cooking to draw diners, Waverly has movies next door to do that (And tickets to the theater get you a 15 percent discount on lunch or dinner).”

We think the location might actually work against the café (why go there when far better eateries overflow the area?), yet agree that nearly each time we visit, we basically dine alone. On several occasions, we ordered great sandwiches and the $15 cheese plates and were not disappointed despite the sea of empty tables (in fact, the waiter once offered a free glass of white wine as we were the only customers). You’d think a convenient "dinner + a movie" combo would be more successful, but something’s obviously keeping moviegoers away and it probably goes beyond the disapproval of the projectionists union issue. The inflatable rat is long gone now, so any theories as to why audiences avoid the Waverly café?