2005_05_trojan.jpgTrojan Condoms is breaking through to primetime television with an ad that will air on tonight's Law & Order. Adweek is told this is the first condom ad to ever air on a Big Three network during primetime. Hmm...is it a coincidence that Joe Piscopo is featured in this L&O rerun?

Defamer thinks a collective cinderblock will be, uh, pooed by the Parents Television Council over this ad. And speaking of Hollywood, Gothamist is jealous that TLC's new show, "Going Hollywood," is set in Hollywood, because we would totally try out to be an intern at Method Man's production company; we're not so sure about being one at Kevin Spacey's or Robert Evans', but perhaps there will be a spin-off set in NYC, where you'd see interns picking up some Cambodian breast milk for P. Diddy.