Have you seen this man? Have you seen this strange blue box? We ask because—deep breath, geeks, deep breath—Doctor Who is currently filming in New York City! Yup, it seems in the upcoming season of the very-long-running beloved British sci-fi drama, the last Time Lord and his companions Amy Pond and Rory (in one of their last episodes riding the TARDIS) are coming to the Big Apple. And unlike when the Doctor took Martha here, this time the role of Central Park will not be played by a field in Wales.

The 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, and his current partners in time travel Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have been spotted and photographed around town a bit in the past week, including a shoot in Central Park where the married companions were seen [not even sure this is a SPOILER but why not?] smooching. There was a rumor going that they were filming until dusk today on the Williamsburg Bridge but that seems not to be the case.

However! If you simply CANNOT wait until the fall for the return of the Doctor (yup, for various reasons including show runner Steven Moffatt's very busy schedule, Who isn't returning until the fall) the show is rumored to be filming in Brooklyn Heights (and possibly Brooklyn Bridge Park) today, and appears to be set to shoot in Tudor City tonight from 6 p.m. until Midnight. And interestingly, "there will be prop antique firearms and also 1930s vehicles at the location."

As for any Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels or old companions (Donna Noble, never forget)—we haven't heard a peep. So if any of you go out Time Lord stalking tonight, let us know what you find the in the comments. Us, we'll just be tippling in The Way Station so as to tinkle in their TARDIS bathroom. Meanwhile, in other Doctor news, looks like the Doctor is going to the Wild West this year (after all: Stetsons are cool):