Some People in New York City use umbrellas during snowstorms, and it's become a topic of conversation today, because what else is there to talk about?

Carlson: i JUST saw someone doing this when i was walking back from getting lunch and was like, "is this a post?"
me: pat kiernan also tweeted about it
me: Is It OK To Use An Umbrella In A Snowstorm?
Carlson: Is It OK To Use An Umbrella In A Snowstorm? Is It OK To Tie Your Dog Up In A Snowstorm? Is It OK To Wear Cargo Shorts In A Snowstorm?
Is It OK To Order Delivery In A Snowstorm?
Carlson: 4 Things To Avoid In A Snowstorm
4 Things You Can't Do Today That You Could Do Yesterday
me: Why Does My Lower Back Hurt?
Carlson: yeah, let's turn the site into Yahoo Answers
me: 17 Questions For A Snowy Tuesday
Carlson: jen sent me umbrellas too
Chung: i think we should do it
it's striking a nerve

Carlson: so, when i saw this couple doing it i was like "why do people do that?!" but their umbrella wasn't getting any wind and it seemed fine with them
and i was like, i guess it IS stopping it from collecting on their clothes, etc
When Is It OK To Use An Umbrella?
people do it in the sun too
me: Do You Use An Umbrella In The Snow?
Chung: i'm sure they are the pussies who use umbrellas still 15 minutes after the rain stops
Carlson: these people were like a cute 80 year old couple
Chung: i rest my case

Carlson: ok so are you doing an umbrella post?
me: i guess
beats throwing boards of a roof in a blizzard
Carlson: does it?

Editor's note: (Ha.) For several minutes this morning we were transfixed and, honestly, a little envious as we looked out the window at an adjacent building and saw a group of honest workers repeatedly heaving lumber off of a roof onto the snowy sidewalk below. There was something gratifying and almost poetic about their industry, like watching a plastic bag blowing in the wind suddenly grabbed by a fastidious sanitation worker and taken off to be recycled. Maybe you had to be there.

Anyway, DO you use an umbrella in the snow? If so, please justify your life choices in the comments below.