The Flaming LipsRecently, the best thing on VH1 has been their in-house promo: A montage of various musicians (Beyonce, Chris Martin, Justin, etc.), with animation over it, against the Flaming Lips' song, Do You Realize. Slate's Scott Metcalf noted that the song is "lush and trippy and infallibly alluring." There is indeed something hypnotic about Wayne Coyne singing, "Do you realize...that you have the most beautiful face?" with the fluttering animated flowers rising and swelling to the music. In fact, Gothamist can do without annoying Jason Mraz (Jason, huge trucker hats just make you look like you have a tiny head and therefore a tiny noggin) and would just like this commercial to be run on a loop, if VH1 isn't going to air the Flaming Lips video to the song.

Buy Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, which has "Do You Realize?" amongst many other great songs. "Do You Realize?" was also one of the top singles according to the Village Voice's Pazz & Jop poll.