Photo of Olek by See-ming Lee

Olek's in trouble, and it's not because she crocheted herself into a corner! The lady is stuck in London after an incident that she can't really talk about, and is now asking for a bail out from her fans. She explains, in what sounds just like those spam emails that you get, "Something horrible happened to me recently and I need your help. I have spoken to my lawyer and obviously I cannot say anything about my defense at the moment other than that I vigorously deny any wrongdoing. Once the trial is over, I will be able to answer your questions." An official statement is then given:

“On October 6th after donating a piece of her art to the charity at a show in London, Olek was involved in an incident with a drunk and aggressive male who behaved reprehensibly.

The incident happened extremely quickly and not knowing anyone in London or able to access her cell phone for numbers she was swept up into the legal system and treated very poorly. This has resulted in very serious charges being leveled against her which she strenuously denies. She has not even had the chance to state her case before a Court and she must await a statutory timetable before she can present her case properly.

She has now been fortunate enough to be referred on to an appropriate lawyer to defend her against these entirely false allegations, but effective legal representation in cases like this comes at a cost. Today, she needs your help to assist her to get through this terrible and unfair ordeal. At the moment she is facing serious charges with a risk of custody if she is not represented properly and able to expose the untruths and falsehoods in the allegations made against her.”

She says she's been forced to stay in the UK until this is resolved, and "for over a month I had to stay home between 8pm - 6am each night and wear a plastic tracking bracelet around my ankle." She now needs money to pay for her legal fees, and says she's unable to start a Kickstarter, so she's offering up things on her Olek's Appeal site. For example, if you donate $5 she'll send you a jpeg of your initials, and for $10,000 you'll get a crocheted commissioned piece.

We've reached out to Olek for more details, and will update when we hear back (probably between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.).