A few of photographer Kenneth Willardt's images are currently taking up some space alongside the Yancey Richardson Gallery in Chelsea, and one of them shows a real life naked lady. The 8 x 10 image is called out today by CBS New York, who say some people find it offensive... however, no one is actually quoted in their piece as finding it offensive—just where are these prudes blushing with rage?

The image (and it's important to note that, despite the CBS headline, this isn't a billboard, it's an 8' x 10' street level display) shows a naked woman floating in water, and according to one man that CBS talked to, it's not even remotely offensive. He says, “I don’t find anything inappropriate about it at all, it’s a beautiful naked woman… a nice thing to walk by in the morning. She’s not voluptuous so I feel like it’s not offensive.” Ah, so that's it, if this lady had bigger knockers then it'd be offensive.

So what do you think, more or less offensive than what we've seen Calvin Klein put up over the years?