Even though it's been more than six months when we first heard about this story, New Yorkers cannot get enough of hearing about Antoine Yates and Ming, the tiger he kept in his Harlem apartment. The Post reports that Ming has been put in "solitary confinement" at the Ohio animal sanctuary he's been living in, because he hasn't been getting along with the other tigers. Yates, who was charged with reckless endangerment, said, "In Harlem, he had five bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen and a living room." So maybe the 15' by 15' pen at the animal sanctuary isn't that great - fine. But Gothamist, wannabe tigerologist, is pretty sure that an apartment isn't ideal either, given tigers are wild animals.

Also, seeing this photo of Yates holding a stuffed tiger around convinces us that he's going to be shopping around a cartoon about his Harlem apartment full of tigers, aligator, other animals, and humans to Spike or Fuse.