Reader JMAC emailed us this photograph of a sign seen on a Chelsea block. He wonders:

First, how could you lose your small green parakeet in the middle of winter? exactly could they be sure that the parakeet was "freezing" (was it shivering, or did it have a stuttering chirp, if a chirp it had at all)? "claim" really the correct word to use in such a case?...How the feehuck did a small jungle bird actually survive Tuesday's temperatures? Would you actually make up these signs if the bird wasn't okay? Surely there were others. Thank God for the good bird samaritans.

Those are really good questions. Gothamist can only assume that the parakeet was planning a mad break for warmer weather in the South, say, Battery Park City, but got caught up in checking out the Whole Foods and other new establishments in the neighborhood. Perhaps the parakeet was looking to roost near a steampipe or restaurant exhaust fan; though the body-surface-to-volume ratios are very different, somehow pigeons manage to keep warm! Maybe some people will demand that the parakeet get a home on Fifth Avenue.

More pet signs in Lost: Lost and Found Pet Posters From Around The World. And here's some information on how birds stay warm. But there is a drink called The Frozen Bird. This incident also reminds Gothamist of when kill the bird left us know about the found sock in Union Square.