The highlights of last night's Golden Globes ceremony were not Kate Winslet's double win or the triumph of HBO's John Adams miniseries or that Jeremy Piven didn't win again for Entourage. The multiple wins for Slumdog Millionaire—and shout-outs to Mumbai—were sweet, as was Steven Spielberg's plea for not only making movies for the mainstream (also, Martin Scorsese gets so emotional!), but let's face it, the British comedians took the cake for the best moments.

Ricky Gervais was his usual cheeky self, slamming the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for not loving his film, Ghost Town enough to nominate it—though he had "sex with 200 middle-aged journalists." And he referenced Kate Winslet's appearance on his old show, extras, by poking fun at her Best Supporting Actress win for her role in the Holocaust drama, The Reader. Indeed, Holocaust movies can be awards season gold!

Sacha Baron Cohen shocked the audience by joking about the recession, "Madonna has had to get rid of one of her personal assistants. Our heart goes out to you, Guy Ritchie"—and they booed him!

After the jump, Tracy Morgan's speech on behalf of the 30 Rock cast, winning Best Comedy Show. Tracy is totally Tracy Jordan!