2005_10_dmx2.jpgRapper DMX, aka Earl Simmons, was sentenced to 60 days in jail for violating the terms of a previous sentence. Simmons had promised not to drive a car after he pleaded guilty to an incident at JFK airport where he impersonated a federal agent and crashing through a parking area gate all while high on Valium, but he was pulled over by the police twice (once for driving at 104 MPH!). The press, as helpful as ever, tried to get DMX to comment about the sentence. One reporter said, "Earl, are you looking forward to going to jail?" only for DMX to say, "Are you?" and then curse, " Stupid ass mother------. Going to crack his f------ head in." DMX had ot be restrained by his entourage, including his publicist who pointed out that DMX's new album would be out by the time of his November sentencing.

Photograph from Newsday