Following up on MX's arrest in June, Gothamist shook our head as we read about his court appearance. DMX and a friend had been arrested for impersonating federal agents and trying to carjack someone's car at JFK. They didn't manage to steal the car, but were arrested when they exited JFK parking without paying, and police found weapons and drugs in the car. Nice one, DMX. So, back to the present, yesterday when DMX was being screening by court officers in Queens, he "pointed to an expensive bracelet on his wrist and yelled at the lieutenant in charge, 'One year, right here. One year, right here,' clearly implying that it cost more than the lieutenant's salary." Classy. But Newsday does say that DMX was "warm to fans," saying, "God Bless," though no word on how he felt about the woman who showed up to slap him with a paternity suit.

Who is your favorite crazy celebrity these days? Macaulay? Britney? Courtney Love? Nick Nolte? Jacko? Or is it wrong to admit you have one. Hmm, we have to think about this.