122208dlist2.jpg Bad news, honey: DList, the simply fabulous social networking website for gay men, will go offline sometime next month. DList creator Daniel Nardicio tells New York Press the site "is pretty much dead. I moved on emotionally when I realized I’d partnered with the wrong person. So I’m developing the next, new exciting version of what I wanted for DList! It'll incorporate all my original ideas from DList, but move the whole venture into live, real contact." Considering the amount of "contact" facilitated by the original site, this could get interesting. And Nardicio wants everyone to know that just because DList is done, that doesn't mean NYC nightlife is over, too: "God I'm so sick of faggots having to declare everything is ‘over’ so they can be perceived as ahead of the game. This self-induced ennui at 20, now that’s over."Meow!