via NY Night Train

New York DJ Jonathan Toubin, who in December of 2011 was injured during a freak accident, will be making his return to the decks in May. Toubin was sleeping in his hotel room in Portland last year when a taxi came crashing through the wall, fracturing his skull base, pelvis, collarbones, ribs, and sternum, as well as leaving him with many internal injuries including a punctured liver and crushed lungs. He talked about his injuries, and waking up a month later in the hospital, earlier this year, and will now finally make his triumphant return. An announcement on his NY Night Train site reads, "The good news is that, after months of healing in Portland, Jonathan Toubin is finally ready to come back home and get back to work."

You can welcome him home at two Brooklyn events in May, one on the 6th and one on the 12th, after that he'll be going on a short tour, which will bring him back home at least four more times through September. More on Toubin in this old doc, below: