Since Carrie Bradshaw & Co. have abandoned young women everywhere, today's wanna-be city slickeristas are left to navigate their own way through big, bad New York. But now a new Disney game promises to be a new kind of spirit guide, simulating the New York City experience for each player, giving tips on how to "climb the social ladder and make your dreams come true!" The program will also strip away your authenticity and uniqueness and transform you from "country bumpkin to glamour girl." And if you do it right, there's probably no pesky math required.


Disney City Girl's players are mostly 20 to 29-year-old women—and a rep explains, "This is an adult game—the language, the storyline, the mission of the career progression, some of the humor, those have all been purposely targeted at adults." According to DNAInfo, "The concept was to combine the long-standing popularity of Sex in the City motifs with the growing 'pink' gamer demographic."


We dipped into the simulated life, to find the protagonist—a transplant from Small Town, USA—in a modest apartment (described by the creators as a "grungy studio"), however, as you work your way up you can land a Park Avenue penthouse. The two "glamorous" career paths offered are fashion designer and chef, and your new "fabulous friends" include "a child of privilege," and an array of other materialistic social climbers.... who sometimes go to this "rustic" cafe that may or may not be in Williamsburg. Get a preview of the cloning machine in the trailer below: