Donald Trump, who may or may not be literate, sent out a tremendous tweet this morning in which he posed in front of a Magic Eye-worthy backdrop while pretending to handwrite his inaugural address.

Sure, Trump has posed for smiling photos before with the likes of KFC chicken, taco bowls, mad dogs, and SO MANY THUMBS UP. But for someone who cares more about the optics of being president rather than the actual work, this seems like a bit of stretch, to say the least.

Trump might think of himself as David Blaine performing magic in front of a freaked out Drake (just substituted Drake for the entire country), but thankfully, Twitter is never one to miss an opportunity to roast a megalomaniac who thinks he can pass off blank paper as important documents.

This is what the Internet was made for.

For more fun, there's a Reddit Photoshop Battle over this pic that's still happening. This is why you need an official photographer, Donald!