You guys remember Angelina Pivarnick, right? The Staten Island Guidette who was on the Jersey Shore for a hot second but left before castmembers started making $100,000 a pop? Well, she's still alive, and desperately clawing her way back into the public consciousness by suing the girl who allegedly attacked her in a Hot Topic at the Staten Island Mall.

When the mall brawl first went down, 20-year-old Kelsey Balzafiore was arrested on misdemeanor battery charges for allegedly punching Angie's friend Janina Vaiana, but now, Angie says that she too was a victim. According to the lawsuit, Balzafiore "assaulted, battered and harassed" the Shore star, who was left "wounded, bruised, injured and [with] sustained severe shock to her nervous system." Pivarnick, who may or may not have been pregnant earlier this year, is also suing Hot Topic for failing to provide the type of security measures necessary for a star of her stature.