dsc.jpgAyun Halliday, an East Village fixture and food blogger has been making the rounds on the Internets in a virtual book tour in support of her fourth memoir,Dirty Sugar Cookies, Culinary Observations, Questionable Taste. Previously, she has written about travel in No Touch Monkey!, work in Jobhopper and motherhood in The Big Rumpus. A longtime contributor to BUST, where she writes the Mother Superior column, she has an irreverant (and almost ADHD influenced) take on almost everything, including food (one cake has a disctinctly "scatological" theme, as she says.) And she comes to food writing not from the rarefied place of three or four star kitchens but by getting excited about sharing her love of mochi with two kids or how pancakes really were better post-coitus.

The book tour hit food/lit blogs similar to how the King Dork book took to the music/pop culture blogs, including Beatrice, Cupcakes and more daily through the end of June. Check the site for the schedule and more. (Full disclosure: She talked about her favorite pizza in New York, Totonno's, among other Coney Island treats, on our personal site.)

Dirty Sugar Cookies(Seal Press, $14.95) is available now