2003_10_radiohead.jpgThe Post kicks off Radiohead's two nights at Madison Square Garden by talking to people who hate Radiohead but have been afraid to admit it because Radiohead are critically beloved and "cool." An entertainment editor says, "Hating Radiohead is the hipster's dirty little secret," and Spin writer Chuck Klosterman, though a fan, can understand the hate as well. "There's definitely now a symbolic value to saying you hate Radiohead - even Kid Rock makes a big deal about hating Radiohead. He even has a video where he's literally using toilet paper with the word 'Radiohead' embossed on it." Kid Rock? Using Kid Rock in an argument about hating Radiohead is like knowing Brett Ratner hates David Lynch - it doesn't matter at all.

The Post also looks at other things people won't admit they dislike:
* Marc Jacobs
* Gramercy Tavern
* The Matrix (both movies)
* Foam on frou-frou restaurant plates
* The Dalai Lama
* Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
* Jazz
* The Sopranos
* Shakespeare

Yay for arbitrary lists! Gothamist would like to add Howard Dean, Sesame Street, and The West Wing.