This has the potential to be the greatest movie of all time: Deadline reports that writer-director Abel Ferrara has be working on a script "partly inspired by this summer’s sex scandal surrounding former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn." Also: "Gérard Depardieu and Isabelle Adjani have been rumored circling characters based on the scandal-plagued former IMF chief and his wife Anne Sinclair and have met with the director."

Ferrara is the famously provocative auteur behind Bad Lieutenant, King of New York and Go-Go Tales who also directed the porno 9 Lives of a Wet Pussy early in his career. Producer Vincent Maraval told Deadline that the project is a long way from definitely happening but "One thing we do know is that there’s a real common desire amongst Depardieu, Adjani and Ferrara to work together. But like every day in this business, we have to see if there’s a film there. Today, the only reality is that they are writing something inspired by Strauss-Kahn that will focus on addiction and politicians. It’s more that than the Strauss-Kahn scandal itself." We hope Harvey Keitel's Bad Lieutenant can make a cameo—that guy likes his justice with some crack.

Depardieu is no stranger to bad behavior: Earlier this year, he peed all over a plane (he later blamed his prostate).