Are dioramas the new knitting? An article in today's City section seems to think so - is the City section the new Style section? In any event, we're intrigued.

Some crazy not-so-kids-anymore have organized "Diorama Lodge" the first Tuesday of each month at Freddy's Bar & Backroom in Brooklyn (though we have a hunch there won't be one this Tuesday).

The premise is simple: "When do you ever get a chance to make dioramas after elementary school?" Unless you are a parent or work in a museum the likely answer is never. So why not, eh? Teams and loners meet up at Freddy's and are given a topic (in the Times article that would be "horsepower") and are given two hours. In the end the participants vote on the best one. "Previous Diorama Lodge prizes had been a hot-glue gun and a bottle of vodka. This time, the prize was an earnest picture book titled The Art of the Diorama." If they bring back the vodka and glue gun, we're game.

A Bear in one of the great Natural History Museum dioramas by Tien Mao.