You've no doubt seen the ads for Walking with Dinosaurs, the heretical spectacle promulgating the evolutionist myth that dinosaurs once walked the earth, when everyone knows their fossils were created by Satan to destroy mankind's faith in the Bible. Well, starting Thursday, Lucifer will be verily smiling upon Madison Square Garden, when the arena will be crawling with 15 of the pre-historic reptiles, some standing as high as 36 feet tall!

SPOILER: These aren't real dinosaurs, like in Jurassic Park. These big animatronic dinosaurs are manipulated by off-stage puppeteers using ‘voodoo rigs': miniature versions of the dinosaurs with the same joints and range of movement as their life-sized counterparts. A computer interprets the puppeteer's manipulation of the voodoo rig and transmits the data by radio waves to make the hydraulic cylinders in the actual dinosaur replicate the action. Other smaller dinosaurs actually have puppeteers inside them.

The show's producer Carmen Pavlovic boasts, “This is a show that could only fit in arenas – as the creatures are so absolutely immense in size. Audiences seated in the lower seats are all but overwhelmed by the dinosaurs, while those seated in higher seats can view the entire spectacle and panorama of the production. It is the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing what it was like when they walked and ruled the earth.” (According to those secular humanist archeologists.) Judge for yourself with a video preview after the jump!