2005_06_rarebit.jpgGothamist managed to get on over to the new IFC Center this weekend to see Miranda July's excellent Me and You and Everyone We Know and decided to check out the food as well. We had heard that there was going to be an adjacent restaurant serving a gourmet take on pub fare and wanted to see if it was any good.

If our initial visit is an accurate indication of things to come, the Waverly at IFC (named in honor of the previous movie theater that resided there) has the potential to be a destination on its own merits, even for those who don't plan on catching a movie.

2005_06_gingerbread.jpgOur friendly, helpful waiter was happy to answer our many questions (everything from menu issues to what movie was playing on the big screen above us). In addition, the food (Welsh rarebit, turkey and bacon sandwich, Guinness gingerbread cake) was fresh, flavorful, and beautifully presented.

We were already fans of the Brooklyn Academy of Music's BAM Cafe and Rose Cinema when in the mood for the dinner-and-an-arthouse-movie option. But Gothamist is happy to have a similar pairing in downtown Manhattan as well.

Waverly at IFC, 323 Sixth Avenue (at West Third Street)