Now, with this season of The Apprentice may not have captured our heart the way the first season did, but Gothamist will admit tonight's dismissal of Stacy Rotner thrilled us. This Stacy, the Jewish, short, lawyer Stacy (vs. the black, tall, restaurateur Stacie) was not as "crazy" as Stacie J., but let's face it, she was more hideously conniving and annoying. We can't believe she stayed on for so long and must thank The Donald for taking care of business. Next request for the boot - Maria, please. The Television Without Pity forum on Stacy R. And she has her own website, where you can ask her to speak at functions about "Dating Lessons Learned from the Apprentice" and how "Feistiness Counts." Feistiness counts, but what about being a lame pain in the ass?

Related: A chat with Mayor Bloomberg was the prize for the winning team last night. Granted, Gothamist would love 15 minutes with the Mayor, but next to the prize of playing tennis with John McEnroe and Anna Kournikova, that seems...boring. It wasn't even a meal with the Mayor - just a quick talk at Gracie Mansion. The Mayor told a joke and none of the Apprentice wannabes got it - the man has no skills at comic delivery.