2003_10_thestrokes.jpgThe NY Post freaks out and practically begs for Carson Kresley's help. The fashion victims? The Strokes. Tom Sykes laments their new fashion choices, which some call "schizophrenic," versus their seemingly more aligned "Is This It" era style, which Sykes characterizes as "thin black leather jackets, scruffy suits with skinny ties, messy (but expensive!) hair, black Converse high-tops." He is especially upset with Albert Hammond Jr. ("With his all-white look [does anyone really wear all white except women in tampon ads?] guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. may be the worst offender...") and Sykes turns to a number of stylists and fashion gurus for their thoughts ("They're trying too hard and it shows") and theories ("Maybe they are trying to say, 'It's not about the clothes - it's about the music") about this upsetting development.

Room on Fire will be released tomorrow. In their new video, "12:51," they are all Tron-y.