The Seinfeld stars by Al Hirchfeld

It almost seems fitting that greed would screw over production of Seinfeld DVDs. The NY Times reports that Jason Alexander, Julia Louis–Dreyfus, and Michael Richards have refused to participate in "Making of" featurettes for the upcoming Seinfeld DVD because they've been unhappy with their profit particpation from syndication; Alexander, Louis–Dreyfus and Richards have only been receiving $100,000 year since the show ended. The "Making of" and any other interviews would have made a Seinfeld DVD package, the first of which is expected in December 2004, more compelling to buyers, considering Seinfeld runs a few times each day in syndication, which makes the $100,000 seem very small, especially considering the many millions Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, co creators, make. But greed and self–preservation was a signature of the Seinfeld gang; we just don't if we should expect to see Alexander or Louis–Dreyfus on Curb Your Enthusiasm this upcoming season (starting on January 5, 2004).

To keep things in the holiday spirit, Gothamist would like everyone to remember the Seinfeld episodes, The Pick, where Elaine's Christmas card is a bit nippy and The Strike, where Festivus is unveiled.