Remember Y2K? And that sick eight hour Phish set at the Big Cypress? And that time J.Lo wore this dress? Those things were so long ago! And so was that time in 1999 when Diddy (then going by Puff Daddy) and his entourage were involved in a shoot up at the now defunct Club New York in Times Square. You know, the one that J.Lo may or may not have witnessed. Well, the lawsuits that stemmed from the incident have only just been settled.

According to the NY Post, Sean "Diddy" Combs has now "quietly" settled all civil actions against him from the incident. Three patrons of Club New York were shot during the scuffle, and it's being reported that the most seriously injured, Natania Reuben, has received $1.8 million. She was shot in the nose and seven bullet fragments were lodged in her face, and she suffered seizures as a result. The other victims were paid $500,000 and $50,000, respectively. The Post notes that "Diddy—who was acquitted in the criminal case related to the brawl—had to pay out of pocket because his insurance company had gone belly up."

The incident had occurred on December 27th, 1999, when Combs's crew had a run in with Matthew "Scar" Allen. Jamal "Shyne" Barrow, who was with Diddy celebrating his own record deal, was charged with the shootings. He spent nine years in prison, was deported to his native Belize and is now an Orthodox Jew in Jerusalem. Barrow, as well as the club's owner, also had to help pay for the settlements.