This post is brought to you by Bermuda Tourism.


Bermuda's really not just about golf and conservative shorts anymore, though there is plenty of that if it's your style—no judging here. But to help reveal the true island, Bermuda is spreading the word of its amazing cultural and culinary heritage, pink beaches, clear waters, and all that rum.

For two weeks this June, Gothamist shared the best stuff in a series called Two Hours Away and to help set the mood, we made a list of New York things that take longer than going to Bermuda. You'll be surprised—and honestly, maybe a little sad.

Taking the D train back to Harlem after a Cyclones game.
Attempting to enjoy MoMA's free Fridays program.
Driving to the Hamptons on a holiday weekend.
Getting a dinner table at Roberta's on Saturday night.
Getting a brunch table at Roberta's on Sunday morning.
Visiting your polling place on Election Day.
Sitting through a Yankees-Red Sox game.
Going from Bay Ridge to Flushing for hole-in-the-wall dim sum, then finding said hole in the wall.
Waiting for the landlord to come fix the hole in your ceiling.
Sweating in the laundromat.
Enduring the returns department at Ikea Red Hook.

We're sure you can think of others. Mull it over and plan your trip to Bermuda in the meantime. Check out the Bermuda Tourism website for more information.