High School Reunion

The WB show, High School Reunion, needs an high school "Class of '94" for its next installment. You just need to fill out the application here, which asks things like: If you were a member of the Breakfast Club (from the movie), which would you be? (The Brain, The Athlete, The Princess, The Criminal, The Basketcase); or who did you have a crush on, who crushed on you, who was your best friend, who was your enemy; plus, information on who you would have voted as "Most likely to succeed," "Hottest Girl/Guy," "Complete Outcast," "Biggest Flirt," "Worst Reputation," etc.

Gothamist's options would be to nominate either its top NYC magnet school (all "Brains") or suburban NJ high school (graduating class, 137 students), but really, neither is that appealing.