During last year's big election, many wondered where their "I Voted" sticker was. While they haven't ever been as common in New York City as they have been in the suburbs, they have existed here. And the simple things have been a way to throw your involvement in the political process in your non-voting neighbor's face... and maybe score a free coffee that day. But the stickers cost the government millions, and they've become harder to come by over the years. They're out there today, however.

The New York City Campaign Finance Board held a contest earlier this year to redesign the "I Voted" stickers, and they are handing them out today. Supposedly. At press time no Gothamist staffers have seen them at their polling places.

Sadly, even if you do get a sticker, they're not the beloved and iconic design or shape—way too square and cluttered! But you can always print out your own classic one—maybe for November.

And remember: it's NOT illegal to take photos at your polling place—NYC Votes has even made a call for "voting selfies" (hashtag them #IVoteNYC).