JellyNYC—perhaps fed up with the politics and their "fake non-profit" overlords hassling them at their home-away-from pool, AKA the East River Park Police State—are on the cusp of announcing a new summer concert series. (Yes, the Big Show will still go on at the state park.) There aren't a lot of details yet, but it sounds like they're trying to get back to their roots of laid-back semi-DIY free shows.

We were told that the series will occur on "six Saturdays over the next three months at a brand new outdoor venue in Williamsburg that will include the long-awaited return of the Slip n' Slide!" All shows will be free, beers will be cheap (Six Point is a sponsor), and lineups will be announced next week.

We've double confirmed with JellyNYC that this is all happening, so the question is where? They aren't saying yet, but we're going with the big old parking lot next to Giando on the Waterfront on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg (former home of the unauthorized detour sign from the bike lane wars.). In the past couple of weeks, workers have been busy completely repaving it, putting up a new fence, and have even laid the foundation for what could be a stage right there on the water. So as long as Giando isn't hosting any outdoor weddings on these Saturdays, then all the organizers have to worry about is the inevitable clashing of the Hasidic community (on Shabbos!) and the sexy concert-goers (bonus points if they're on a bike).

UPDATE: JellyNYC tells us this is NOT the spot, but that the venue is in South Williamsburg. They also told us it's not on the water, and that they "wish [this] was the spot." Doesn't sound promising... any guesses? Under the BQE?

Additional reporting speculating by John Del Signore, who spotted this possible venue. Blame him if we're wrong!