Lady Gaga has been in New York City (having threesomes, staring at her subway takeover ads... normal stuff), but her glad-handing appearances aren't distracting us from the real story: did Lady G get herself the ultimate silicone accessory? It's so hard to tell with her oft-embellished outfits, but at her Best Buy appearance yesterday she was letting it all hang out, and last year she did say: "I really want to get implants... I love fake boobs."

Meanwhile, the Fame Monster (who's out promoting her new album, Born This Way) appeared on Letterman last night where the host told her, "You and I are very different... I have never thought to myself, 'I'm just going to wear my underpants.'" (Gaga suggested he wear them to work one day... stay tuned.) Check out some more of the interview below (where the pop superstarlet eats a piece of paper, because she's so crazy like that).

Gaga also became one of the gals on The View yesterday, and told them she's in talks to host an episode of Saturday Night Live next season! Check out some more below: