Burning questions on a rainy Hump Day: could this bit of trivial gossip somehow, actually, possibly, be true? And if it is, can we start taking bets on how long it will last? Page Six is reporting that funny lady Kristin Wiig and Fabrizio Moretti, aka that guy from The Strokes who dated Drew Barrymore, were "literally on top of each other," at a Black Keys (of course!) release party this week at the W Union Square club Lilium. Not figuratively!

Wiig was married to actor Hayes Hargrove from 2005-2009, but said she'd probably never marry again after their divorce. She's been dating actor Brian Petsos (a friend of 21 years) since 2009, and they even appeared in some Funny or Die videos together—can you feel the chemistry through the screen? No? Oh, okay. Moretti, for his part, is probably best known for the Barrymore thing and having great hair.

It's unclear exactly how or when Wiig and Moretti met, though the Strokes did perform on SNL earlier this year. And Wiig has been getting sexy lately, posing for GQ's "Bro of the Year" feature in black lingerie. Seems to us like it's time for a little lady business.