According to today's Times, the Assistant U.S. Attorney in N.Y.C. has begun an investigation of Jayson Blair: Prosecutor Seeks Information on Resigned Times Reporter. What could they possibly charge him with? Maybe some variety of fraud? Unlikely: it'll be hard to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was intentionally defrauding people or just being sloppy and lazy. And if sloppy, lazy journalism is now fraud, a lot of people should be worried, including Fox News, NY Post, USA Today, and um, Gothamist.

Today's Jayson Blair supplement: The Post reports that Blair made up a story about being sexually assaulted while writing for the University of Maryland Diamondback, and the Maryland Sunspot has more info on his time at the Diamondback.

Sridhar Pappu of the Observer analyzes the situation, noting Blair's love of journalism running up again his desire to taste the power of being a reporter for the Times.

Gothamist's Jayson Blair coverage.