In March, when new contracts and budgets were being discussed, we asked how many people on Mad Men would have to die in order for the show to go on. Eventually, the show's creator, Matthew Weiner, cut minutes in order to save the cast... and still got $30 million in compensation for signing on for three more years. Since then we've been focused on the important things, like turning Don Draper into a vampire and creating fake situations in which we'd be forced to choose between him and Coach Taylor. Summer! But little did we know there was a new war brewing in AMC land.

David Hinckley sums it up over at the Daily News, saying Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter essentially blamed Weiner for ruining other AMC shows be demanding more money for his own (noteworthy: Sutter's show is on FX). Sutter, working off of an LA Times piece, basically said "the proposed cuts had caused Breaking Bad producers to consider taking that show away from AMC and had driven show runner Frank Darabont to leave AMC's The Walking Dead." He made the declarations on Twitter, which he has since quit.

Walking Dead's fanbase have also been Tweeting out their frustrations. But Hinckley thinks everyone needs to calm down, because in the end, Breaking Bad is returning. But what about Walking Dead? A very scientific poll of our office showed that 2 out of 2 people think it's going to suck now that Darabont is out of the picture. So there may be blood on Weiner's hands after all.