2006_03_stabbytabby.jpgHooray! It looks like Dickie, the cat whose stabbed eye caused a fatal raucous between two Staten Island neighbors, has a home. Dickie's owner Stephanie Lindboe thought that her neighbor had stabbed her cat in the eye, so Lindboe slashed neighbor Linda Padula in the throat. And when police responded, they fatally shot Lindboe who charged them with a knife (they believe that Lindboe was schizophrenic and stabbed Dickie herself). Many people were interested in adopting the cat, but now Lindboe's in-law Patricia Kramer has claimed the cat and plans to "spoil him rotten."

And to make sure everyone knows that Dickie's all right, the Post had a photograph of Dickie and his new owner. Aw, Dickie, you're so fine, you blow our mind.

Photograph from the NY Post