Is Dick Wolf just playing devoted Law & Order fans or does he really have a plan to bring the just-canceled NBC drama back? According to the Media Decoder, the producer that "he was not giving up but did not specify where he is hoping to place the series."

Carter also writes, "Mr. Wolf did say that another potential plan - one that would have wrapped up the flagship 'Law & Order' with a two-hour movie on NBC, is on hold until he exhausts every other opportunity to keep the show going as a weekly series." Fun fact: The only Law & Order TV movie is, so far, Exiled, which followed Chris Noth's Detective Mike Logan to Staten Island, where he was punished after punching a politician (and murder suspect) in front of the courthouse.

The NY Times' television critic Alessandra Stanley gives some thoughts about the show's demise, saying that it was suffering because there's already so much L&O available elsewhere, "No need to rush home for the latest episode or waste DVR space, because it will soon end up on the continuous loop of “Law & Order” provided by TNT and other cable networks." Still, L&O addicts want their fix of fresh product! Besides, there are two new episodes tonight—starting at 9 p.m.—and one features Anna Gunn of Breaking Bad.

Salon has a fun slideshow of the 10 greatest L&O cliches (slight spoiler: sorta Gothamist shout-out in the final slide). And L&O: Los Angeles will be on Wednesday nights, after L&O: SVU.