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Birth order(only, oldest, middle, youngest).

Day Job.
I work for Youth Intelligence as a trendspotter/researcher/ recruiter/social observer. I spend my day heavily consuming information from newspapers, blogs, magazines, television, movies, and most importantly I am constantly meeting people of all ages and asking questions. I guess one could say this is also my night job.

Two for You.
How did you get into the trendspotting business?
While working in publishing right after college, I read Youth Intelligence's TrendCentral and was immediately intrigued by the company. I knew that it was the perfect job for me and vice versa. Trendspotting is not just about "trucker hats are in-oh wait, trucker hats are out". It's about delving into the deeper levels of not just what consumers are doing or what things are 'cool', but why. It's about having a grasp on macro-trends and generational differences and a genuine passion for the analysis of behavior. I think I am inherently curious and passionate about people, so it has been a perfect fit. To be able to say that since I started working with Youth Intelligence I've met and have learned something from well over one thousand different individuals is astonishing to me.

What's the difference between the fad and a trend?
To put it in the simplest terms, a fad is fleeting and is usually rooted in a trend. A trend can be global and have a lifespan of years.

What's your favorite spring activity?
Being able to walk around New York and go to the park without freezing my ass off.

What outerborough place you always say you would like to see but probably never will?
I know it's not 'outerborough', but...I'd have to say the rooftop of the mini-mansion from The Royal Tenenbaums in Hamilton Heights (on 144th Street and Convent Avenue for all you fellow Wes Anderson fans).

How many take-out menus do you have in your apartment?
Well, if I was to list all the qualities I possess, 'domesticated' would undoubtedly come up last. My definition of cooking is chopping up mozzarella and tomatoes; and my crutch has been a plethora of take-out menus. However, due to my job and ridiculous social nature, I am rarely home to even know WHAT take-out menus I have. My lifestyle is hectic albeit thrilling in that I am either traveling, working, or out after work asking people questions at bars, clubs, galleries, and parties. Come to think of it, my roommate hasn't seen me in a few weeks. Maybe I should leave her a note?

Where is the best place to get a cheap beer or a cheap date?
When I lived in Carroll Gardens, I discovered the humble watering hole, Gowanus Yacht Club. The name is a bit misleading and anyone that has been to the Gowanus Canal knows that there aren't any yachts. In fact, you probably won't find patrons in suit jackets imbibing Old-Fashioneds looking at a glass encased "Rules and Regulations" list. It is the best place to get a two dollar beer and a two dollar hamburger whilst sitting outside in the summer weather chatting to the charmingly friendly bar staff. I had to pass the GYC to get to the subway and it naturally became a staple local hangout of my summers.

What makes your mouth water?
The smell of the beach (salt water, suntan lotion, surf wax) and things I'd rather not admit to.

It's Sunday morning; do you attempt the New York Times crossword, go for a jog or nurse a hangover? Ha. My Sunday morning wholly depends on my Saturday night. Wait, that's a lie. I put a lot of pressure on Sunday. Sunday is my last ditch effort to do mundane things like...housecleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, calling the family, going to the gym, reading the paper, organizing my DVD collection. I typically manage to nurse the hangover, call the family, exercise and read. I vow to do the other things NEXT Sunday...