Bob Diamond, who rediscovered the Atlantic Avenue subway tunnel in the early 1980s, and has been giving tours there since, is now suing the city to regain access to the abandoned site. Diamond sent us the above letter, explaining that it's "the opening shot of our lawsuit against DOT. We had to first give them 7 days to respond. When DOT fails to do so next week, the lawsuit papers against DOT will be filed with the Courts. I'm truly sorry it went this way, but its all on DOT's head."

To recap: the tunnel was shut down the tunnel as it was about to host an event on the weekend of December 10th, following that, the FDNY declared that all tours of the tunnel were now canceled, and anyone who attempted to access the tunnel would be arrested. Diamond believes that the DOT is behind this, and is pulling strings to shut down his tours; previously they supported the tours, and Diamond sent us an email from the agency stating, "Inspection report shows that the tunnel is in good condition and safe. You may continue usage of the tunnel."

Now the Brooklyn Paper reports on his lawsuit, which will address how the city barred him without allowing him to address concerns about air quality and emergency exits. Diamond tells them, “The FDNY gave us a list and said to fix it [but] the Department of Transportation says, ‘No, you can’t go in there anymore.’" He hasn't spoken about what the lawsuit will claim, exactly, but has said he'll be seeking significant damages. In the meantime, he's started an online petition, which you can sign here if you ever want to see the inside of that tunnel!