The DNC has been in full swing this week, and while it's meant the shattering one of the highest glass ceilings in the country, it's also meant a big week for America's favorite vice president, "Diamond" Joe Biden. Ol' Joe has had run-ins with the cops, has given stirring speeches touching on economic insecurity and institutional sexism, and to cap off his week, will be filming an appearance on Law & Order: SVU today. Now, without hovering over any of those links, try to guess which one of those stories is real.

The historic first appearance of a sitting vice president on a crime procedural will take place today, the White House noted on their official schedule. No, Biden will not be playing a perp, a corpse or a hotshot visiting prosecutor with a Top Gun sense of style and a thirst for justice. And fortunately for Biden, the episode isn't actually about him, a fate that's befallen another colorful politician. Instead, Biden will "tape an appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on the rape kit backlog and efforts to end violence against women," according to the White House press office.

While we like to have fun with the goofy Joe Biden image, we have to applaud Biden for using his office to call for the testing of rape kits that are stuck in labs across the United States. Last year, the vice president appeared in New York to announce an $80 million federal grant to end the rape kit backlog.