We really love the Hotel Chelsea Blog, Living With Legends. We're not just saying that so they'll invite us over to play or give us a free room. We just really like reading reports from the front lines of where true rock n' roll behavior of past, present and future co-exist. Today they report on Devendra Banhart's recent visit to the hotel to shoot a video for his song Heard Somebody Say. Apparently he trashed the hotel room. Oh Devendra, we didn't know you had it in you. Maybe these sort of antics will help shed the "freak folk" label. Or expand upon it. Could go either way.

Stanley Bard, proprietor of the hotel, said the room was “the worst he’d ever seen in his lifetime.” We'd imagine that's saying a lot, considering he chose to flip the blood stained mattress in Sid and Nancy’s room - over procuring a new one.

See Devendra's video with shots from the hotel, above.