Again with this nonsense? Yes, it's once more into the briefs, good friends (SORRY): the annual No Pants Subway ride will take over the subway system this Sunday, January 13th. Because we hate fun and are required to spray our snark juice over every frivolous group activity that brings a brief glimmer of joy to the lives of bored New Yorkers, we have no choice but to warn everyone about this annual exercise in faux-exhibitionism. For the uninitiated (we envy you!), the No Pants Ride features thousands of people who own trousers voluntarily riding the subway without trousers, while behaving as if everything is completely normal. HA HA CRAZY, RIGHT?

So if you want to have your mind blown by a flash mob showing off thousands of pasty thighs to a captive audience, just head underground Sunday between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Before doing so, you may want to review our grouchy list of reasons why the No Pants Subway Ride should be knotted up into a little ball and forgotten behind the washing machine.

But don't take our word for it; here's VIDEO. If, after watching it, you decide that you'd like to drop trou with the rest of the herd, that's totally fine. Just find another city to do it—there are dozens to choose from around the world.